A week ago, while going home from work at night, outside of one bar I saw a perfectly looking guy. And guess what? Of course I had no camera with me 😦 I don’t think I regretted anything that much (recently) maybe close to the time few weeks ago when I was too shy to complement this black girl with awesome hair and the cutest face full of freckles. I wanted to shout: ‘you’re the cutest girl I’ve ever seen!’ but the internet café was full and I chickened out. So I had night terrors for not photographing the guy, so at least I’ll describe him to you. He had a shaved head and incredible (worth of Lord Byron) side burns. He was wearing a short sleeved greenish-yellow tiny checkered shirt, blue folded jeans and slim red suspenders. It was as though Beethoven had met the Clockwork orange lads, beautiful!

Although this post is about Miranda:) I saw her from the back and right away liked her ginger hair and polka dot play-suit. To tell you the truth, shoes were the deciding factor. I said to myself: ‘if she’s wearing flip flops it’s not happening’. And man, how happy I was she had really cute loafers on! Miranda is from Bristol if am not wrong, she’s very cute, bubbly and has a nice style, check her out!




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