I have been embarrassed with my constant bragging about how’ it was too dark’, or ‘I have a wrong lens’ and etc. so the quality of pictures is poor, but while browsing Sartorialist one day, I stumbled upon his post where he tells how happy he was when he saw this girl on a bicycle in the street, early in the morning and his camera settings were all magically right for the picture to come out well. So even the great Scott Schuman has the same earthly problems with shooting people. That made me feel better and not so stupid/guilty about my complains.

It has been awhile, I know. I missed a few really crazy outfits weeks ago, didn’t have a camera with me. But then yesterday, Rafa (very nice name by the way!) from Australia came in. First I thought she’s really pretty and then I really liked her necklace and kind of everything about her looks. Enjoy!



australian style




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