Back to teen island

So here I am, back to Ios, Cycladic island, a place with best beaches, worst alcohol and the biggest teen tourist population! I opened an internet cafe again and finally started catching youngsters for snaps. It’s not that easy, cause they are truly in a hurry to get as many one Euro shots as possible:) Wouldn’t count these girls in, they had time to stop and didn’t hesitate.

Also noticed that tattoos independently found their way into this blog. I like that. And I like colours and these girls, from Italy by the way, were pretty colourful:)

JESSICA (red hair) and LUCREZIA (blond)

Style in Ios


italian girls in ios



Italian style

italian style



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6 responses to “Back to teen island

  1. Panos

    Yeah! It’s that cafe!

  2. As irgi ziauriai pro-taturuotes. Jei tik tureciau pakankamai smarves ir pinigu, prisipaisyciau visko, to ir ano…

  3. hahaha:) as turiu viena jau senokai. Raudonkepuraite ir vilka noreciau dar, bet turbut nepakankamai trokstu, nes dar nepasdariau:) Be to dar nezinau, kaip pasisuks gyvenimux, tai jei netycia reiktu ka rimtesnio dirbt butu blogai.

    • As irgi panasia teorija vadovavausi, bet paskui viska sudeliojau, kad as nenoriu dirbti tokiam darbe kur nepriima akivaizdziai apsitatoravusiu zmoniu i darba. Tokioj vietoj greiciausiai ir darbas nepatiktu :))


  5. the girls look a bit tired or as if they were in their 30rties 🙂

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