Stylish pride

So this Saturday, holding on to my tradition, I went to Athens pride. This is my third time and as expected – a great one:) Every year there’s more and more people gathering for the march and then the party. It is always different and surprising. And the joy is only growing! By now I can tell you that am an absolute gay pride junkie. It’s like you enter a bubble of supreme happiness for a few hours. There is so much color and smiling, and laughter. I don’t think I have ever seen a gathering of  that many people where everyone is constantly smiling.

This year I saw a lot of nicely dressed people, so instead of stopping every one of them, I kinda followed them and photographed them while in motion, like a proper paparazzi (or more like a crazy stalker). Well, enough said! Check out the beauty!

I went crazy for this girl, I love her full outfit, her tattoos, her smile, everything!

Style in Athens pride

Style in Athens pride

style in Athens pride

Athens pride style

Lovely lace

Athens pride style

I love when Greek girls put on a red lipstick. I liked the green fan and a jungle dress, and also thought that the girl was veeeery pretty!

Athens pride style

I liked this rockabilly- Elvira look

Athens pride style

style in athens pride

And here we have two of my favorite things: androgyny and simplicity!

androgynous beauty

And some nice recycled fashion

athens pride style



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2 responses to “Stylish pride

  1. Kaip super!!! Dar dar dar!! 🙂

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