Western chic

This is crazy. Summer is here, natural sauna situation in Greece and the only thing I can dream about is autumn clothing! Basically this post was kinda inspired by my obsession with a tv show called Big Love and a post in a blog animals in dresses about tomboys. Tv show Big Love is about a mormon polygamist family living in Utah. I was kinda fascinated with a polygamist style. It is some sort of mix of modest Victorian and country style with French braided hair puffed up in the front. Usually the dresses are too big, with huge shoulders, but they really did their best creating Chloe Sevigny’s style in this show. She turned the polygamist look into stylish and sexy. Maybe I’ll do one post especially for my beloved Chloe:) Anyway, watching this show reminded me how much I like cowboy clothes (still can’t get over my mom throwing away my cowboy boots).

Animals in dresses entry on tomboys (and finding another blog on this matter) also pushed me towards this. I know people like to categorize everything and name everything. There would be nothing wrong with a word “tomboy” (a girl that acts or dresses in a masculine manner) if it didn’t imply certain stereotypes, for example, that there is a certain behavior linked only to men or to women. For example, if a girl likes sailing or hiking she is a tomboy (masculine) like these activities are male prerogative. I know this was all born in a patriarchal discourse, and is difficult to articulate differently but it’s time for such categories to leave our language or at least put another meaning to it. If a girl is wearing a 3 piece suit, she’s just wearing a suit, no need to call her a tomboy. Aesthetics transcend sex and gender.

So here’s my obsession with western chic as I call it:) First is a little star of Cohen drama ‘True Grit” Hailee Steinfeld. And second is a gorgeous Argentinian stylist – Marina Munoz. I can easily say that this look is actually one of my favorites.

p.s. I do not own these pictures, I borrowed them from the internet:)

Marina Munoz



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2 responses to “Western chic

  1. Labai arti sirdies! Liux irasas! 🙂

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