Spring in Kaunas

Well, the weather got warmer and spotting nice outfits became easier:)

Thing is, most of the people are pussies, always on the safe side. I miss crazy, ridiculous and extravagant outfits, even in the day time.  Am not asking for Leigh Bowery, cause I doubt there would be such genius in the town as small as Kaunas. It just really bothers me, this clean, neat look with like a black bow in a perfect hair, white shirt, beige pants and a brown bag. I want dirt and uncombed hair, freaky colors! I think now even a horrific psychedelic trance lover with neon pink dreadlocks would get a pass from me. I want crazy people, please do something about it!

Now less crazy, but nonetheless nice. Aiste and Justina

Love those sunglasses and the scarf



And the shoes, like them:)



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