Girl power

I am such a lazy ass. So I beg your pardon, people that follow and wait for updates.

Few weeks ago, there was a Thomas Muller and a bunch of Lithuanian dj’s rave in an abandoned shoe factory. It has been years since I partied in such a nice industrial space. The lights were absolutely crazy! In the end of the party I felt like a Tarkovskian Stalker wandering in a yellow mist. With effects like that you don’t need any hallucinogenics. That yellow smoke in a main techno space was rad!

There was something else rad – girls! I didn’t find any dudes worth a snap, but there were some really beautiful and stylish girls out there. So I captured some of them. The light wasn’t great and the people were walking past all the time, but I’m kinda sick of excuses, so fuck it:) Just enjoy the niceness!

p.s. shorts were kinda dominating the whole scene, but well, if I had great shorts and great legs I’d be wearing them too:)

Barte, Gotaute and Beta (the names of 3 pretty girls)

Style in Lithuania

Style in lithuania

style in Lithuania

Style in Kaunas

This girl reminds me of my beloved Chloë  Sevigny


Goda Marija

Style in Kaunas



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2 responses to “Girl power

  1. Steven76

    i really love the girl in the middle!!! she is so interesting, im wondering why is she looking in the sky… maybe need a boyfriend!

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