Last month we had a Vilnius book fair. Sort of a nice event for book lovers. I took my camera in case I see some stylish book worms:) Indeed I did. I found Auguste. She’s still at school and is very interested in fashion. I liked her simple but quirky style and also how she mixed the different patterns. This is something I usually hate, cause, I think you must have some sort of talent in order to mix them ornaments right, so the final product doesn’t look crazy obnoxious. In my opinion Auguste succeeded the mixing, therefore I announce her the princess of mixed patterns!

lithuanian style

mixing patterns


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One response to “Auguste

  1. think that girl is the photoshop of patterns! great job. and great photo, how did you detecting what need to shot, my dear notanotherfasionblog?!

    my favorite shot – this middle one. 5 stars. can you print a plastic wallpaper 2,60 x 3,20 m for my underwater bathroom?

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