My styling debut

So this is what I was doing these 2 months – working on my portfolio. First steps towards the job I’d really like to be doing, which is styling:) This is one of the things I always wanted to do but kind of never got to it, I guess there has to be a right time for everything. I was inspired by a great Greek stylist and a friend Danai aka D’Arcy Foxx. I am also crazy for vintage clothes, that obsession started at school. I was very happy to have worked in an awesome vintage store in Athens, which was loony at times, but the owner lady was really nice and she gave me a few great vintage pieces that I am very grateful for:) So all this stuff, me longing for creative work and a bad job experience made me realize it I have to do it!

Now the technical side. It was a collaboration between me and a photographer Remis. This is his website All models are not professional models, they are professional beauties, though:) Style, hair and make up was done by me. Thank you all for making this real! For the viewers – Enjoy! And book me for work:)

P.S. This is the first part, the next one will be added in a few days.

Austeja Banyte property

Austeja Banyte property

Austeja Banyte property

Austeja Banyte property

Austeja Banyte property

Model: Dalia

Photo: Remis

Style, hair, make up: me

Austeja Banyte property

Austeja Banyte property

Austeja Banyte property

Model: Indre

Photo: Remis

Style, hair, make up: me



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16 responses to “My styling debut

  1. tavo blogas nesurandamas iš atminties, tik dabar supratau kodėl.

  2. Au

    When you were photographing Dalia, I think you were photographing yourself. Second part of it is a little underfocused, overworked and a bit too Kaunas-ish for me 😀 But the first one is brilliant. Good job. Will recommend.

    • What does it mean to be KAUNAS, or ALYTUS, or any other tiny city. They do not dictate any type of fashion, unless you think that face of Kaunas is the girl with a tanned face and platinum hair, but none of the models have that look, so you got me really confused…And I wasn’t photographing Dalia, so again what’s with ‘me photographing myself’? I am a sensitive person, and I get annoyed by random, non constructive thoughts under my stuff. Especially when they’re written under a nick name.

      • Au

        Yes, you are sensitive and do get emotional. Sometimes, due to a misunderstanding. What I meant by “Kaunas-ish” is that it’s too ‘retropolis’ for me. The first part is mirroring something real and alive (eg certain era) and the second part (sorry for splitting your wonderful effort into parts) is more staged and theatrical; and it didn’t trig any emotional or intellectual response in me. So, no negative implications in the mentioning of Kaunas, just cultural indifference. I think the model’s (Indre’s) head is too perfect (she does look like a professional model; or at least I get the impression I’ve already seen her somewhere), too well-matching the substance. I mean, tartan dress and ginger hair… and bleak make-up. It’s perfect. I especially was unfazed by the ‘tartanic’ idea. I’ll leave it at that, because another cultural reference may make you go mad: -) About you photographing yourself…again, there’s no negativity and criticism in that. The work of an artist should reflect him or her. I just remembered a quote of one photographer’s father; the former was picturing the latter quite a lot and at one point, the father said to his son: ‘It’s not me sitting on the sofa there, it’s you!’ and the photographer was surprised to realize that it was very much so. So, good luck, great work. I hope you start doing this professionally. When there’s any chance, I will recommend you to people which may be interested in what you (can) do.

      • What does it mean exactly “too Kaunish”? Taking in consideration that the appearance has a mark of the artist that is Austeja and the photograph and Austeja IS from Kaunas (Kaunas is cool city btw!). Then, hell, yeah, it is “Kaunish”. Well, how to be “too Kaunish” or “too Vilnish” is another discussion about linguistics. Agree with Austeja, – the comment is rather misleading.

  3. Actually “Kaunas-ish” makes sense to me, ir “the most retarted” tikrai buvo per vaikiškas atsakymas inteligentiškiems komentarams 🙂 Kaip ir kaunacionalistinė reakcija “Kaunas is a cool city”, kaip įsižeidusių vaikų….

    • Linai, komentaras ne toks ir inteligentiskas, o tikrai misleading. Susierzinau nes visiskai nesupratau, KA tuo norima buvo pasakyti. Skirtingi kulturiniai klodai, skirtingos asociacijos, kaip jau rashiau apacioj, Au ta ivaizdi pavadino Kauno retro, taciau stiliaus ir mados terminais kalbant, man jis buvo visiskai nesuprantamas, kadangi jis nieko ir nereiskia, na tarpukario kaunas, tas pats kaip tarpukario varsuva, turiu omeny, kad cia esme tarpukario mada tuomet, o ne miestas, be to nei minties nebuvo apie tarpukari kuriant si stiliu. Nu ir nenusikalbek del isizeidusiu vaiku! As noriu kritikos kuo daugiau, sakykit, kas blogai, makiazas per silpnas ar dar kas ne taip, spalvos nedera nzn, bet kol kas niekas nieko konkretaus nepasake, nu va tik paskui dekonstravo Au savo kmentara apie kauna. Ir persokus griovio nereikia sakyti op:) Iris Kaune gal vos pora kartu buvus, daugiau kokiam majamyje, atenuose ar kuboj, taip kad ji manau vienodai visus miestus myli, o mane jo gali kauno nacionaliste vadint hahahaha.

  4. Without this deconstruction I wouldn’t have realized what you meant:) I understood that we need to be very specific if we talk about things, because such general expressions can and are understood completely differently. To show you the difference between our fields of associations, I’ll reveal you my inspiration of the flower bow retro as you say. It was a Mexican day of the dead, more of a Victorian-Gothic-folk, than Kaunas-retro, which also sounds weird, cause I would never call it that way, it’s a 1920’s flapper kinda look, or even Pre-Raphaelite. So this is why Kaunas for me didin’t make any sense in the terms of fashion.
    Cultural references are not making me mad at all! I am making cultural references on purpose through these styles, what bothered me was your comment too general to make any sense. Kaunas doesn’t mean anything in terms of fashion to me, unless as I mentioned, we talk about stereotypes. And yes tartan was on purpose for ginger hair:) But I understand that it’s not something everyone likes. And about photographing myself, never heard of a quote and even if I would couldn’t relate, cause I sadly, haven’t photographer the models…You need to be more specific, cause sometimes your knowledge is deeper, but sometimes its superficial in a certain field and then there’s a misunderstanding.

  5. Au

    Yes, it was too general. I (still) blame it on the jetlag. I can write some provocatice cynical nonsense early in the mornings or late evenings. I guess the mixture of ginger-type and tartan style is too complete, too perfect to fall in love with it. I couldn’t find the balance between the purposes of an idea and the look. Thus, the harsh and misleading ‘underfocused’ and ‘overworked’. I tried to photoshop Dalia’s head on top of the green dress in my brain and it looked perfect: -)

  6. I understand that very well, the ginger and tartan:) you’re right in a sense that it’s a bit too much in that sense. And when you do things in a studio it is hard to make things complete, meaning idea and look. But it’s just a style, a look, inspired by certain designers, places and art works, don’t look for things that don’t exist. And also a funny thing:) so many people already told me (thinking it’s criticism, but it’s actually only a different point of view) how they would have liked it better: one said that there’s not enough details, another wanted pants instead of a dress, 3rd didn’t like the model for the style and so on and so forth. Well a funny thing is, the reason the style is, like it is, is cause it’s mine and nobody Else’s:) we don’t go to an artist and tell him to paint the picture this way and not that way, everybody paints it the way they like it and want it. And after that you can either relate to the work or not.

    • Au

      Yes, indeed, the intention is everything. But as I’ve said, because the part with Indre looked more theatrical and symbolic, my brain tried to identify that intention, that idea. When it couldn’t, it tried to simply enjoy the clothes. But it wouldn’t – maybe because of the overtheatrical appearance of the girl; it begged for something different (more casual) to compliment the clothes. But it doesn’t matter in the end… an image can work fine without any explanations, hints and references. I’m just explaining how my aesthetic brain responded to some of these images.

  7. NICE JOB!!! :-)) Really like it! the make-up,the clothes,the shadows….everything is done very well!!!concratulations!!!!

  8. NICE JOB!!! :-)) Really like it! the make-up,the clothes,the shadows….everything is done very well!!!concratulations!!!!
    waiting to see more…..

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