Beards are epic

Ok, so am working on something but I can’t tell you just yet:) I’d rather do it and then share the results with you. What happened though, while I was working on my project yesterday, was that my back was fucked. I wasn’t wrestling or anything, but apparently I have huge issues with my back (am such a granny, sorry ’bout that:) Anyway since my bf left to the states for work, I started doing things and arranging stuff for my secret project and then it got stuck a bit and I was too excited to do anything else, and it was too cold to go out so I just went crazy with Glee:) And then wondered for hours in the depths of a world wide web. While doing that I found out that I would like so many things! I want to find a music teacher to teach me how to sing correctly. Cause I can sing but I know i don’t do it in a correct way. After that I thought I’d like to have a voice of a dude from early 80s glam metal band altogether with the looks:) I shared that on facebook, so some of you have seen this:) And then I got obsessed with blue hair! I dislike dyed hair, unless it is so well dyed and taken care of every time the roots start to show. Cause let me tell you, while in university broom haired ladies with such shitty colored hair drove me crazy. I couldn’t stop staring at them in auditorium, it was fascinating and altogether disturbing, like looking at someone giving birth, oh lord. Anyway, despite my huge dislike of dyed hair (and most of things unnatural in general) I sorta went wild with blue locks of hair, aquamarine blue, with a bit of indigo, subtly showing from blond or black hair. I would like to dye a few locks of mine:) but I have never seen a young and hip hairdresser in this town so, we’ll see and for now check them gorgeous mermaids I fished online. Picks are not mine, I just want to illustrate my fascination, so please don’t sue me!

And then one day my boyfriend threatened (well actually, just told me, but I like to use this word:) to shave his beard, that I sort of lured him into growing almost 3 years ago so this is kind of sad news to me:) cause I truly have a thing for beards and mustaches. Well, I can’t forbid it can I? But I surely can look at other men with beautiful facial hair and admire the vikingness of it, the luscious, bushy, well groomed serious beard:) One of my favorite bearded men who also has an astonishing style and is also a Sikh (and they do drive me crazy aesthetically) Waris Ahluwalia. And he has a personal tailor in Rome, praise him!

And there are few other dudes with nice beards that I’d like you to see. They are both musicians and I like their music not sure if as equally as their beards:)



Saul Williams

So yeah, sexy. And this is what I wanted to tell you tonight. And a finishing touch with John and Yoko, that speaks the truth:)



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6 responses to “Beards are epic

  1. eik jau? apleidau naujienas.. mano vaizduotėj jis su barzda visada 😀

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