This year – no excuses!

I am nasty with entries – I know. But I have a new year’s resolution – no more excuses! So, even though my camera is heavy and nobody dresses nice in this weather, I will go and find those individuals that do:) and if not I’ll find some other ways to entertain you and me:)

I am back in Lithuania for some time. The weather is a bit restrictive here, but I’ve seen a few people already that were worth a snap (if only i had my camera:))) The most annoying thing here, though, is the CARROT face trend which, I thought will go away with time but it actually got stronger! The hair went more platinum, the face – more orange.  I cannot comprehend how come these girls find this retarded look beautiful? Far from that, it actually looks scary, like they have just escaped a huge fire or were infected by some carrot colored zombie. In my discreet opinion solariums should be forbidden (unless you have a doctors permit, if say, you have some skin disease that needs sun more that Lithuania can provide:).  I am trying to be very objective, I studied arts for about 10 years and my aesthetic palette is pretty wide but this burned face, staring from a platinum wig just screams fuckin’ crazy! If only I could wash you all and book some art history lessons…eh well, one can dream.

Anyways, leaving the lost in style carrot zombies, I’d like to say that I had an awesome new years party in Lithuania with my dearest friends. It was a costume party (though not everyone dressed up) and the theme was “Rebels of all times”. We left everything for the last minute and so i ended up running back and forth in a huge supermarket looking for glitter. The only thing i found was a children’s makeup kit that had silver and white/pink glitter bags in it. That’s when I decided to be Hibiscus.

For those who don’t know: he was a crazy leader of a psychedelic drag theater ‘The Cockettes’ in 60’s in San Fransisco.  He and the cockettes are my number one heroes:) Glitter in the beard rocks! Well in the end I looked more like and entire YMCA band than hibiscus, but I still enjoyed my costume:) My friends looked absolutely fabulous, i will put some pics, that maybe most of you already seen, but still once more:) happy new year everyone!

Alcohol makes me behave weird, I didn’t think so, but this picture shows:)

Asta was a Napoleon on his way to Russia:) And Justas, well whatever you want him to be:)

Here we have a rebellious broccoli who is against nitrates, Lady Diana and Don Kichote

There was also an exorcist, a Chechnyan rebel, a goth and other people who got dressed after they got jealous of other people’s look:)))



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4 responses to “This year – no excuses!

  1. ag

    Ha-ha, kokie puikūs kostiumai 🙂
    Tamsta man priminėte Juliette Lewis


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