The coolest girl ever

When I see a person that stands out from the crowd and has that ‘something’ about her/him, I am so unbelievably happy!

The other day, on our way home after work, I noticed this girl and didn’t have my camera with me! Anyway my boyfriend saw me going crazy and told me to run back to the office and take it:) Good that I did it, I was so overwhelmed when she agreed to be photographed.

There’s nothing cool about a ‘girly-girl’ look. I actually dislike girls that try too much, want to look like barbie dolls and want to be sexy even when they’re taking a shit. I do love girls that put an edge to their girly looks. Like the girl that you see in the pictures. She’s very pretty, tall, thin etc. but with the part of her hair shaved off she’s not only a ‘pretty girl’ – SHE”S FUCKIN AWESOME! Seriously, her looks haunt me everyday (in a good way, of course), I think she’s the coolest person ever.

here are some photos of her and one with her friends that also looked nice!

p.s. My enemy as always was the darkness so I had to work on them with my primitive tools:) hope you will still enjoy them, like I do:)

canada has style

Canada has style

canda has style

canda has style

canada has style

canada has style



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2 responses to “The coolest girl ever

  1. agejus

    Ji nuostabi! 🙂

    Man pačiai labai patinka tokio šukuosenos, tik kai žinau, kokia tinginė esu, kai kalba pasisuka apie plaukus, tai nežinau, kaip reikėtų prižiūrėti tą nuskustą galvą.. Ataugtų gi gana greitai.. Ar taip ir skusti visą likusį gyvenimą? 🙂

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