Ios giving it to me

So, as you all might know, I’m in Ios – a very nice island situated in the southern part of Cyclades. This island is sort of a party island for youngsters of the world. Literally, 90 percent of the people here are under or just a bit up their 20’s, which is weird, not to see the age variety, like on the other islands, but this is a tradition I guess.

So in the beginning, I thought that it might be a bit hard to continue my blog, while am here, cause summer is a tricky period in general. People don’t really dress to impress, when it’s 38 degrees Celsius. So yes, it is true, all day you see is bathing suits and flip-flops. And then the night comes, and altogether with the darkness, nice outfits are brought out to the lamp light of the labyrinths of the sugary white town.

It is very American Apparel this year. Most of the girls look the same in their tight 80’s dresses, but maybe for the first time in my life I am not mad, I like it, cause it’s a great tendency, subtle and minimalist. Might seem a bit whorish if the body type is bit too sexy, but in general it is a nice style. I also noticed some lace going on, which is also really pretty. Though my first girls, actually were neither lace nor tight dresses I really loved their look. They came into the internet place where I work and right away I called my boyfriend to bring my camera, and then prayed he would make it before they leave:) These girls are from Australia, and for me Australian people are the coolest! They are just so relaxed, nice and smiling. I love their colours, pink lipstick, the cha-cha blouse and the crazy pineapple t-shirt. A casual yet stylish and different look, thank you girls! And next time you come, you have to tell me your names:)

Then going home I saw a very cute and summery elegant Greek girl. I liked how she was working her jumpsuit and how balanced were the accessories and the bag. It was a happy evening:) Thank you all!

Australian style

Australian style

australian style

greek style

geek style



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6 responses to “Ios giving it to me

  1. regina

    hah, buvau apleides si buta. matai, neprimeni, tai ir pamirstu per visus Mao. tikra tiesa, kad prakaitas nurungia madas. bet mazyli, sitos australes, nepaisant, kad yra “smiling” (beje, namanau, kad tai privalumas), yra tiesiog ZOSTKOS. slykscios maikes su kvardbatkomis bei ananasais, bei veideliai tokie urmos bazes. TASKAS.

  2. Ahahahahah nu dvi sesutes per kalneli nesueina:) Man patiko ju urmo maikes ir sortai ir taskas:) Negaliu vien vintage ir sophisticated fotografuot, vien del to, kas is tikro nelabai ir randu:)

  3. regina

    nu man jos abi labai nemalonios, as geriau kokia grazuole/idomu veida buciau su fotiku pagaves. man irgi patinka turgus ir kiciukas, bet tada man visa tai suskamba, kai cinkeli randu arba kai buna konfrontacija su veidu, kuris nera gariuninis. bet cia jau tavo butas, as tik servizus barskinu atejes – niekas nuo to nepasikeis.

  4. regina

    t.y. ka norejau pasakyti, kad vienas rubas vienaip skamba ant vieno zmogaus, kitas – ant kito. pvz., flifopai gali labai stiliavai atrodyti ant kokios olibijos, taciau slyksciai ant renaciuko – avalynes adresato. jeigu sitos maikes atsirastu ant tavo kuno, pvz., butu kas kita. o dabar – eilines duxos su eiliniais ananasais.

  5. regina

    o kada skaitosi, kad “body type is bit too sexy”?

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