An apology and a bit of me

I have to apologize to the people that read this blog for not updating it for so long. There was a reason to that. It’s the heat. I couldn’t find stylish people on the street, except flip flops, shorts and tank tops there was nothing else. And really, being able to express yourself in the heat of Athens is something truly remarkable. I really suffer because I like to dress nicely, but I just can’t! I end up putting shorts and a tank top and all this is usually soaked in sweat in the end. Wanted to photograph myself in my collectible vintage dresses, but they all are too warm for this weather… Anyway enough of explanations:) I am in Ios now, island in Cyclades, working in an Internet cafe. So hopefully I will find new people to photograph for this blog, if not, consider this as me on vacation:)

I found some negatives from a very old film. My father took these pictures and turned them only in to a strip of film with an idea to make them into pictures later on, but they were wet with water accidentally and got damaged but this damage looks like a cool effect, so I decided to share my childhood photos with you, enjoy!

p.s. some of you might have seen few of these photos:)

old photo

old picture

old photo

old picture

my feet in a snow storm

My stylish mum

and my red shoes:)

cool kids



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5 responses to “An apology and a bit of me

  1. Usahana

    Great water effects – they make these pictures truly special, as if they’re form some mysterious conte de fée. Anyway, now I know who you’ve got your lovely features from – your mother is gorgeous.

  2. ag

    Amazing pictures.

    Net keista, kaip atsitiktinis vanduo taip puikiai viską sukomponavo. 🙂

  3. regina

    ah, sitos foto labai turbo. o mes dar foto mokyklelej studijuodavom, kaip tokius efktus isgauti, o cia jie savaime ateje – kaip sunes kokie. o Rita tai visai kaip tu.

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