Parade of beauty and joy

The discussion I had, that consumed all my time, was with my old class mate and it was about homosexuality. It was triggered by the photos from Athens Pride 2010 that I uploaded on facebook.

I think that there is nothing to discuss about homosexuality but my friend thought otherwise. Mainly, because his beliefs are influenced by Christianity, more specifically – Catholicism. The truth is, Jesus (if he ever existed) did not ‘say’ anything about homosexuality in the bible, not a single word! This made the discussion impossible, particularly, because my friend believes in what Jesus never said, and holds the unspoken words as a strong argument against mine.

Gay Pride is a celebration of consciousness and truth, where people do not pretend that only one life style exists.  It is a celebration of diversity and sexuality. It is full of humour, colours and joy. People that have problems with it, in my opinion are retarded. Because they want to forbid happiness, love and equality. And therefore, I find religion and church perverted because they force people to succumb to their dogmas and one possible lifestyle, which is going against the nature so in their own terms, which is ironic, against god. Because life is so diverse that it’s a sin to force everyone act the same! Sex and pleasure is only good, there is nothing bad about it, even if some sad people say it is. For me Gay Pride is a very important feast, cause I can see how people are evolving and loosing ancient taboos and becoming more open and tolerant.

Still though:) this is a style blog, and I want to post photos of 2 beautiful and stylish people I saw on the street during the Pride march. I love their looks! Subtle, simple and beautiful.


Athens street style


Athens street style

Athens street style

Athens street style



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4 responses to “Parade of beauty and joy

  1. Love “Pride”, ’cause people that attending it are not only stylish but have great sense of humor too! Fashion without sense of humor is below zero for me on Fahrenheit system. Lovely dressed people these two! A good catch Austeja!!!

  2. ag

    Beautiful people!
    And I completely agree with you on the subject. This hate needs to go away.

  3. It sure does. Well in Greece the situation is really fine, from my point of view, people seem to be more open. Lithuania is the one that scares me:)

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