saw this couple in a jazz festival of Athens and as you can see they were doughnut sweet:)

Athens street style

athens street style

Christina I met in a very nice bar ‘K44’ in Gazi. She looked so great! Sadly she is stylish in London and visits her homeland, which is Greece, rarely.

Great style

stylish girl



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5 responses to “Technopolis

  1. Laurynas

    If politics were only stalinism and hitlerism I would dislike politics as well. However, even this post is kind of politics (not so much convincing me). Left and right is formal look, I see politics as wrong and right. I have the same atitude towards the “fashion” or clothing in general. Author is strongly against fashion industry but strangely adores its examples of comunism and fashism (hugo boss fashion line for whole german hierarhy for instance). I find it strange that traditions are not mentioned in this article which is a counterweight for fashion and trend in almost every aspect of our lives and values are found much more often in tradition then in later ones.

    • C’mon Lauri, this was suppose to be humorous! And in reality people like to categorize and when they do, u’re either left or right…or as I said – apolitical. And I don’t think you understood, I do not adore commies nor nazzies, I just state, that in my opinion nazzies dress better, or used to and communists always fail, and the reasons for that might be in the ideology itself:)
      And about fashion industry. I do not like it but it exists and it also has given a bit of good thins too:) Though by stating ‘i hate it’ I want to show that no one should blindly rely on some rich fags making ugly clothes and spreading a lie that u’re gonna become cooler wearing their stuff.

  2. Au

    do ALL greek men look like Borat/Sacha Baron Cohen?

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