Sweaty summer in Athens

Summer is really rough in Athens and there is nothing to breathe. I’ve been looking for a summer job in the islands and haven’t found one yet, and if am not gonna get lucky soon I will fry! I don’t do anything except sweating and this is a full time job and without pay! Outrageous…So I basically fight the unpleasant reality imagining a calm evening in Cyclades, just before everyone is starting to get ready for going out, I am having a nice mojito in a empty beach bar listening to Lionel Richie’s  ‘All night long’. I know – am gay, well that’s why I hope to get a job in Mykonos if not Antiparos. So, also if anyone knows people with bars or tavernas in these islands, that need a waitress, let me know:)

I decided to put a few photos of myself in few of my outfits (even though I gained weight and don’t feel so comfortable being photographed:), the first one is impossible to wear now cause it’s too hot, but the second one is perfect for this weather.

Hat is my boyfriends, as is the xxl chequered shirt. Jeans I bought in Zara for 15 eu if I remember well, the blazer I bought in New Yorker in Lithuania on sale for 17 lt (aprox. 5 eu). Vintage brogues I’ve got from a vintage shop I worked in Athens.

Sunglasses are from H&M, 5 eu. Floral print shirt together with ochre coloured high-waist shorts I found in this cool place in Exarcheia, sort of a charity place, where you can bring clothes you dont wear and take anything you like from the shop. Also it isn’t necessary to give in order to take, so for these things I donated a euro. And gladiator sandals were a gift from my boyfriend. They are manufactured by a poet sandal maker Melissinos.



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6 responses to “Sweaty summer in Athens

  1. Au

    Nice flat you’ve got (why would you ever wanna move?) And you’ve also brought back the memories of my sister stealing my sweaters, etc.

  2. Antras derinys kokio puikumo 🙂 Kopijuotinas tikrai 😀 Tau puikiai tinka palaidi plaukai 🙂

    Pirmas irgi dailus, toks berniokiskas 🙂

  3. Aš irgi mėgstu vyriškus rūbus ir aksesuarus 🙂 Kartais tiesiog norisi suteikti truputį “grubumo” moteriškai aprangai, tai vyriškos detalės tam puikiai tinka 🙂 Arba maišau vyriškus marškinius/kelnes/batus su moteriškais atributais 😀

  4. Iriskino

    Lovely! Su grivke graziai atrodai! Toy-boy style tau labai tinka.

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