African queen

I saw this lady in my neighbourhood, koukaki, while waiting for a birthday cake for my boyfriend’s sister. I was afraid to ask for a photo but my boyfriend encouraged me as usual and I ran towards her. Though she was in a hurry, to my astonishment, she agreed, and made me very happy:) Altogether excited, so my hands started shaking and all and I forgot to fix my camera and the pictures ended up being too dark! I thought am gonna kill myself, but then I decided to risk correcting the photos and I hope it didn’t change the beauty of the object.



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2 responses to “African queen

  1. Iriskino

    It is difficult to photograph Africans. Their skin usually needs more light. She looks very proud with her national clothes on. Me love it! The second photo is more successful ’cause of better background and the gold shine on the turban. Nice!

  2. It’s not the problem of the skin, it’s my problem that because of my excitement I didn’t fix the exposure and stuff, everyone would’ve been dark in this pic.
    Am happy u like it:)

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