The most stylish tribes/ethnicities of the world

This was one of the things why I chose to study Ethnology/Anthropology in university. I find traditional clothing one of the most beautiful things that people have ever created. It is not only something to cover yourself – it’s a great and wonderful form of art, a festivity and celebration of life.


I would like to start with Tibetan people, who I consider one of the most beautiful ethnicities in the world. The beauty of the people and clothing, so colourful and bright, with huge stones or silver plates, makes them look unearthly. How could these people, living on the roof of the world, come up with such divine style? Cause (if we believe in god:) they are the closest people to him (sky)


Wodaabe is a fantastic, nomadic tribe of cattle herders and traders. They migrate from the north African countries towards the central part of the continent. They consider themselves the most beautiful people of the world and I couldn’t agree more. I love them not only because of their looks and style:) but because they have very interesting traditions. Men participate in a certain ritual, sort of a ‘marriage market’, where they doll-up as best as they can and start dancing slowly also showing their teeth and rolling their eyes. While they do that, young and unmarried women start checking them out so they could later choose the most beautiful man.

I agree with Werner Herzog, who said that Wodaabe are ‘the herdsmen of the sun’.



I chose the Queachua indians,  who I think are the descendants of the Incas. These people dress like some fairytale creatures. They are so tiny, colourful and pretty! They are well known for their beautiful hats and knitted caps. When you think about it, they live in the middle of nowhere, but the looks are more haut-couture than any famous designer’s line! And they use animals as accessories 🙂



It’s a huge ethnic group spread mostly in the western part of Africa (Wodaabe come from this group, but they are so cool, that I put them separately). Fulani is a really stylish ethnic group:) with a slight touch of avant-garde, which you can see for yourselves:)



This nomadic tribe moves within Kenya and usually they are thought to be Masai, though these tribes differ. I like Samburu, because of their colourful subtlety. They could be called the Scandinavians of Africa:) They don’t wear much clothes so this is being compensated by bright jewellery, head and face wear.



This ethnic group lives in Kenya. They are the surreal punk rockers of the area if you ask me. The main thing lies in a very distinctive make up and glorious head wear. They might look a bit scary, but altogether, unearthly.


Yunnan is a province in the south west of China. Translated from Chinese it means ‘South of the Clouds’, which sounds real dreamy and magical, well if we see how people dress there it will make sense:) These people should get an award for the most originally shaped hats! I think that to have an imagination like that you must be surrounded by a strange and magical nature, which fits for all the mentioned tribes.

These are Miao people from a near by Guizhou Province, China



Commonly called Eskimo. They live in Alaska, Canada and Greenland. As we know it is colder then anywhere else, which makes it kinda hard to keep up a great style. But that’s what we might think. Inuit can look dazzling in minus 30. If you dont believe me check out their fancy games with fur and a beautiful pair of traditional footwear!

The amazing power of imagination, that creates all these unbelievable pieces of art makes a world an outrageously beautiful place to live!





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12 responses to “The most stylish tribes/ethnicities of the world

  1. ag

    Love the article. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  2. Mama Linda

    Terrific shots and choices…but you haven’t met the Barabaig people of Hanang District, Arush Region, Tanzania!

  3. Thank you:) Well to tell you the truth I haven’t met all these tribes:) only Tibetans and Peruvians, others I became acquainted through my research and passion for diversity and primal beauty. I fished these picks from the internet, they were not made by me. I just wanted people to see how beautiful folk costumes can be:) only the text was mine:)

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  6. I love this! And not because i’m Kikuyu (hehe!!)

  7. Are you really?:) This is awesome. I love it too:)

  8. Spectacular and enlightening! Thank you for taking the time to research and post.

  9. Nafisa

    I am Fulani and I am very proud to read such nice things about my people 🙂

  10. Lusty Yoganista and Olga – no problem. we should thank these beautiful people:)
    Nafisa, I am proud to meet a Fulani, even if it’s in cyberspace:)

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