Medals for style awareness

I have already shared my idea about the different levels of the sense of style in different countries on facebook, but I will be happy to share again, especially, because this post will actually fit the photos.

I give a gold medal for the best sense of style to Scandinavian people. I think the subtlety is in the air there and everyone in Sweden, Denmark and etc. is born with a strong gene of aesthetics. Everybody thinks that Lady Gaga is a blast, well would she have done it without her stylist and music video director – the Swedish Akerlund couple? Then we have a Swedish singer Robyn. She’s considered a pop singer, but her style and videos are faraway from cheap and whorish Britney or Christina Aguilera looks. I tell you people, it is because Scandinavian people are more advanced aesthetically:) If you don’t believe me just check the Scandinavian fashion blogs, and if you still don’t agree then…I’m sorry you might not be real sharp yourself:)

The worst dressers for me are Slavs, mostly Russians, and then Germans. I think Germans started dressing bad cause of the guilt. I mean, Hugo Boss made nazzies look dazzling! So sadly, Germans were at their best during the Third Reich:) (this is an interesting moment that I might talk about in another post). And Russians..well, originality was a crime in a soviet times so it is obvious that it didn’t help people in developing a great sense of style. As we know Russian ladies created a certain look: bleached hair, blue jeans, preferably tight, or white (see through) tight pants in the summer with a nice view of a disgusting thong string stuck between two butt cheeks, etc. in a few words ‘an Eastern European prostitute look’. Which is popular in the whole former Soviet Union. Men have two favourite looks, it’s either a full tracksuit, or weirdly bleached jeans, a pair of horrific shiny, sharp-nosed shoes and creased (on purpose) shirt with some useless writing. This sometimes makes me real sad, I mean, maybe even a tear or two might come out.

But let’s look at the bright side – I met this Swedish boy in Ermou, shopping street in the centre. First of all he agreed to be photographed immediately, and also asked if this was for a fashion blog! It was such a contrast to the Greek people who many times say a strict NO to me. And the strangest thing is that most of the people who say no, look like they are really into fashion and know what a good style is, maybe they are even students of costume or fashion design. So this kind of behaviour disturbs me – why would you try to stand out of the crowd so much if you wouldn’t believe that this is an art form that attracts attention, compliments and offers?

A young, neat Swedish gentlman



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8 responses to “Medals for style awareness

  1. inga

    man asmeniskai bet cia as tik apie berlyna ju aprangos stilius labai patiko, tai negaleciau klasifikuoti visos vokietijos kaip nesugebancios rengtis bet jau kaip minejau nezinau nieko apie likusia vokietija….
    o sitas vyrutis man labai primine angliska dzentelmena zodziu labai saunus 😀 velgi kita vertu auste tam tikri teiginiai yra nersveikai gincytini nepasakyciau kad danai super nuostabiai rengiasi, taip kopenhagoj jie nuostabus, stilius labai puikus be priekabiu bet nuvaziuok i pakrascius ir ten nieko gero apart treningu irgi neisvysi, manyciau kad sostines visada isvysto gera stiliu nes taip jau yra….
    manau kad jei sedetume akis i aki uzvirtu diskusija 😀

  2. agejus

    You speak about Russians, then you describe it as “eastern European …”. 🙂 While I don’t know nor care, what’s on the rise in Russia, I must say, that “prostitute and a chav” look has changed a bit here. The girls still wear tight jeans for sure, but they’ve exchanged stilettos for ballerina flats. The hair now is extremely straight and usually of a natural honey color. It is a step further, but I pray to see the day, when people feel disgusted knowing they look all the same… Chavs also tidied up by almost never wearing the tracksuit, but going to tan salons instead (which is a horrible idea, really..)
    I must admit I enjoy reading your insights. You always include some observations, that might crossed my mind too, but I’m just too bad of a writer to put on the blog. So reading yours is like saying: “Yes, finally, you see it too! I’m not alone on this!” Thanks and keep going 😉

  3. Yo, currently residing in Germany I feel obliged to defend the poor nation. Of course, the high school kids are a bit weird with their Amy Winehouse (is she still popular?) hair and leopard print shoes or it may be disastrous when it comes to southern cough*turkish*cough individuals, but when I came here few months ago, I felt kinda “oh, they look fine”.
    And occasionally, there are some nice people from Germany showing up in fashion blogs. Like today’s Sartorialist.

    • Look, I knew this was going to happen:) It is hard to generalize, but sometimes it is also easy. I don’t say that all people in Germany dress bad. of course there are a lot of folks with a great sense of style, but the majority is not so great. When I see German teens on the street or in blogs they have this very bad hippy-punk-emo mix, with badly dyed hair and huge soldier boots all together, for example, with a long gipsy skirt. When I think about Germany – great style is really not the first thing that pops into my head. I’ve been in Berlin and in rural Germany and was not blinded by the outrageously stylish people:)

      And Ingusai, if its u:) Treningai ir kaimas nera svarbu cia. Tiesa aisku, jog sostinese zmones rengiasi originaliai ir laisviau, bet as ne ta turejau omeny:) As lyginu is esmes skirtingu saliu zmoniu stiliaus pajauta, tai trumpai tariant, Stokholme, Londone ar Glazge, mano galva rengiasi geriau nei Berlyne, Madride ar Atenuose. Tokias isvadas darau, nes teko buti beveik visuose tuose miestuose ir isnarsiau simtus blogu, ir tiesiog kilo tokia mintis:)

      Aciu Agne:) o nuo rusu prie rytu europieciu soku, nes ruses gal ir pradejo toki stiliuka, bet jis isplito visoje rytu eu.

  4. O mane labiausiai nustebino paskutinė pastraipa ir ypač paskutinis sakinys, nes pastaruoju metu mąstau daug apie tai ir žadėjau rašyti 🙂 Tiesiog kai kurie žmonės išsiskiria iš kitų norėdami dėmesio, o kiti tiesiog nori būti savimi ir tas dėmesys juos trikdo,bent jau aš taip sprendžiu pagal save 🙂

  5. Jo, tas tiesa, Gincherry, sutinku simtu procentu. Bet tarkim tau patinka mada ir tu fotografuoji savo stiliu, nes nori pasidalinti savo menine israiska su kitais, tai jeigu tave uzkluptu gatvej ir paprasytu nufotkint tais paciais tikslais, nes jus sieja stiliaus pomegis, neistartum piktai ne, tarsi nesuprasdama ko is taves nori. Turiu omeny mane tas daznai glumina. As irgi daznai nesirengiu taip kaip noreciau del zmoniu reakcijos, bet butent taip nemaloniai reaguoja tie, kurie nieko bendro neturi su stiliumi.

  6. Ne, piktai tai tikrai ne 🙂 Bet kai kelis kartus gatvėj yra taip “pagavę” tai visada labai suglumstu ir dažniausiai nuotraukos gaunasi niekam tikę 😀 Tai gal geresnė tada išeitis pasakyti tiesiog “ne” 🙂 Iš tiesų turbūt labai daug priklauso ir nuo žmogaus pasitikėjimo savimi,nuo noro/mokėjimo pozuoti ir kitų dalykų 🙂 Man dažnai sunku papozuoti tinkamai net artimiem žmonėm, tai ką jau kalbėti apie svetimus 🙂

    • As irgi nemegstu fotografuotis:) Bet cia ir del to, jog nesu itin fotogeniska, taciau juk fotkinam savo stiliu, ner taip svarbu jei netycia uzhsimerkei nuotraukoj ar kaip ishsiviepei:) del to sakau reiks tokiem kurie atsisako siulyt tik drabuzius fotkint be galvos:)))
      O kas del taves, tai manau, jog esi labai fotogeniska, pozuoji puikiai ir stilius tavo fantastiskas, taigi nesijaudink niekada, jei uzklups kas ir paprasys nuotraukos:)

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