Just look at the pictures


I am kind of upset for blogging. Mostly because of whats happening in Lithuania. The first Baltic Pride took place in Vilnius last Sunday after some stormy and homophobic months the court made the right decision. And sure, I was happy, but only until I realized what this event revealed. Baltic Pride revealed that the huge amount of Lithuanian people are seriously retarded. Retarded, delusional and angry without a reason. The last hope about my country is fading…I mean 300 people is not enough to fight against 3 mln of idiots. I feel deeply sad.

And also my internet is gone from the house so i have to go to some internet cafe full of teenagers and bad house music, painfully hitting my brain and some asshole whispering to his phone how he ‘loves his baby’ (and by baby he doesn’t mean a child:)

Anyway, I have to warn you that pictures have nothing to do with the post. As you can see they are nice and happy:)

Sorry for the blurriness, I was struggling with the camera again.

Her hairdo is beautiful, but I also love the colours on this girl – a subtle genius she is!

This is my friend Jody. But she’s not here because of that:) I just really liked her style that sunny day and also, was happy to capture her with her cool (as always) nail polish.

She is as cool and colourful as her clothes:)



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6 responses to “Just look at the pictures

  1. agejus

    It is not that bad of a situation here in Lt. Well it is bad, but not all the people hate gays. A lot of them were just standing and watching the Baltic Pride, some of them were supporting, and only couple of them were angry idiots, who will be punished for their behavior, I am sure. The most important thing is that the Pride finally happened, no matter what. All that buzz just made everything more public, more serious, all eyes are now on those idiots, who were against it in the first place. Something good will come out of it all eventually 🙂

  2. Mada

    Indeed I can remember me directing the photos….. 😛 Yes, they can’t express enough how sweet and lovely Jody is! ..and, let’s not forget, gouchu gouchu!!

  3. Jody

    love you auster!

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