The fake prophets

I’ve been surfing those fashion and street style blogs for years now and I have noticed a certain tendency that sincerely anoys me. And I knew, that when am gonna have my own place to write stuff, I will share my opinion on this with the world:)

Every second fashion blogger on the web praises the style of Anna Wintour (editor of Vogue US), Carine Roitfeld (editof of French Vogue, and the last but not the least Giovanna Battaglia former model of D&G and an editor of L’oumo Vogue. These women are considered to be the most influential people in the fashion industry, well I beg your pardon, but when it comes to their looks I need to ask WHY? Maybe they’re good at their job, but seriously, they are the least people to be called stylish. So if u don’t believe me and think that am just a jelous twat (cause they are so succesful) please take this little tour with me here and check it out for yourselves!

So let’s start  here with Anna W.

So, first of all – the hair. The general of the fashion industry wears a lamp shade on her head. That might be a brave move, cause we are all here for originality, but over-the-top-looks is as hard to nail as to reach mount Everest. But the ‘cartoony’ hair is not enough, she just has to put all that fake looking (and what I believe people of the 80’s thought aristocrats wear) big-ass-colourfull necklaces, all together with those inexplicable clothes. The cut is usually very conservative and sharp but almost always with some bright and tacky prints. She’s like a president’s wife on some very strange and expensive antidepressant. And what bugs me most is the sunglasses that are worn everywhere, even on a fuckin fashion show, when the lights are dimmed! This says a lot, I mean, to be watching collections in the dark, no wonder all designers tremble before her, I wouldn’t want a blind man criticizing my art either.

And let’s continue with the french version – Ms. Carine Roitfeld

She scares me. The hair and the eyes are just plain fuckin scary! It feels like someone is watching you through the bushes, brr..So this disturbing zombie look, that actually speaks for itself, and I believe, doesn’t need a lot of explanation, is complemented with these shoes (and she does love these shoes, you can see her wearing them in every second photo) that turn her legs into a nice salami. U know, like sausages tied with a string. And then we have all these assymetricly cut clothes that don’t make any sense for the people that live on the planet earth. Well, but who am I to judge, I am just a very scared spectator…

And the beautiful but as stylish as the Lithuanian prime minister – Giovanna Battaglia

Ok, she’s beautiful, she’s italian and blah, blah, blah. Well great, but she sure has problems with style. What the fuck is she wearing? I chose the picture on the left, cause this dress is unbelievably bad. And I do not care who made it and how expensive it was, fuck that – its simply bad. She looks like a cross-dressed scandinavian knight! The cut, the material and the ornaments are just wrong. And then we have a gothic lolita with a strong dominatrix scent, and c’mon, as the picture says she is not at some S&M orgy, this is an event for AIDS research for Christ sake!

So lets put it in your heads once and for all – THEY ARE NOT STYLE ICONS. And amen to that!



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9 responses to “The fake prophets

  1. Iriskino

    Propose to omit the word “fuck” in the comments, – that is to simple. Not that it is bothering me, just it simplifies the whole text. Remember: that is just a proposal. Further, you are absolutely right “the fake prophets”. And here I am also thinking about f*****g 😉 prophets.

  2. ai zinai kaip ten sakoma, dantistas nesitaiso dantu sau, ar kokia ten ta patarle

  3. Awesome post! Totally agree.

  4. Jo nesitaiso:) bet kad ir labai noredami, gal nepasitaisytu. O kad ponios nemoka rengtis tai faktas, taciau mane nervina, jog kas antras veikejas loja, akd ‘oh my god, she’s gorgeous!’ and etc. Tiesiog netiesa:)

    O kas del fuck’u Iris, tai as leidziu kalbai lietis, ir jeigu ji liejasi, tai nestabdau:) Taisiau tik viena kurini savo gyvenime, nes nebuvo iseities ir tas kurinys buvo mano diplominis bakalaurinio, taigi:)

  5. Usahana

    “She’s like a president’s wife on some very strange and expensive antidepressant” – that’s what I always was thinking of Wintour. Great post 🙂

  6. agejus

    What about Anna Delo Russo? 🙂

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