Style offenders

Ok let’s talk about the style offenders, or criminals of the aesthetics:)

The scarriest ones out there, are the so-called serial socks and sandals wearers. They are the ones you should be afraid of most. These people do not have any shame or understanding that they are commiting a crime, so this makes them more dangerous. The age of the socks & sandals offenders has no litmit, though if we close our eyes we will usually see a grandpa or a nerd in his early 20’s. I am against the death penalty, but if I was the king of the world, they would at least recieve a nice number of lashes.

Now lets take the white boots with heels. This really repulses me. I mean why would you wear those things? Even in the glam era this didn’t look right.

And since we’re talking about trashy footwear, why don’t we invite croks over. Hell yeah! These motherfuckers are the weirdest virus to ever appear.  Crocks criminals dont understant that if u wear this shit (except that my eyes bleed) it means you also go crazy for tellytubbies, porridge and breastmilk. Oh this is heavy…

And the last, but not the least is – tie-dyed clothes. Usually people wearing a t-shirt like this are gonna have a huge beer-belly, long beard with food remains, and a scarf on their heads with a peace sign. ‘Peace, man’, or ‘save the earth’ are their quotes, and for all I care, I wouldn’t mind nuking this planet if that would mean no more tie-dyed clothes!

Beware all style offenders!



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6 responses to “Style offenders

  1. AD

    Auste, graziai rasai, aprasyk nerdo stiliaus detales, prisiminiau kazkaip “Danute pyktshers presents”, kai Aiste Prienu kapinese komentavo vietines stiliaus tendencijas

  2. ag

    Hell yes, I hate white boots 🙂 They never look good. Or at least the wearer never has the sense of style to put them together with something unexpected and interesting.
    But I kinda like the tie-dyed clothes 🙂

  3. Akvile

    Nu, del kojiniu ir basuciu draugystes tai as nesutinku. Man tai labai sveikintinas ju duetas. Stai: arba stai kitas
    Aisku, cia kalbama ne apie nerdus 🙂

    • Akvile!:) As aisku pagalvojau apie sy varianta, bet cia ne sandalai cia tokie sandaliniai aukstakulniai ir avi juos moterys, tai aisku cia jega, grazu t.y.
      Taciau as kalbu apie diedu madas, na kai tecius uzhsideda kojines ir paskui basutes, weukt toks reikalas:) ir nieko bendro su graziais moteriskais kojniu basutiniu aukstakulniu reikalais neturi:)

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