Rainy days

This wasn’t my lucky day today. I started worrying that I might soon have nothing to show here, because people do not like to be photographed.

I stumbled upon this cool girl today in a great 80’s outfit and she refused to be photographed. I almost started begging but even this didn’t move her. And this is not the first time. Sometimes I feel realy discouraged when this happens. So if anyone have any tips on how to make people obey you, let me know:) 🙂 🙂

Because of that, I am just gonna have to put a few photos of myself.

I really like vintage clothes or ‘vintage looking’ recently made clothes. I always loved shopping in a second hand stores, but in Greece I have a problem with this. This is a city of 5 mln people and it has only 5 vintage/second hand clothing shops. Which, I must add, have great stuff but also are very expensive. I used to work in one, and the lady there had unbelievable things. She gave me as a present a lot of outrageous stuff, which I am gonna show you on this blog. The sad thing in Greece though is that very few people like it, that’s why every second person you see in the street is wearing Zara, Bershka or H&M.

So. 60’s looking coat from Primark bought in UK for 15 pounds

Light blue chequered shirt was given to me by my grandma

White 50’s cardigan was again a grandma’s gift

High waist jeans (my favorites) were also bought in Primark 10 pounds

Vintage brogues a present from my ex-boss (She owns a vintage shop)

The photos were taken on the roof in Psiri



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5 responses to “Rainy days

  1. Beautiful coat and it’s colour, love it! ;]

  2. Indre

    Aaaa kaip nuostabiai atrodai!!!! Labai meilute su sita sukuosena, very stylish.Ir nuotraukos labai geros.

  3. Jüstas

    Austuke, I beg to ask: HIGH WAIST JEANS. WHY? Kažkoks nepavykęs bandymas pagamint džinsines žvejo kelnes.
    I call them HIGH-WASTE-JEANS 🙂

    • lol Justai:) that’s just nasty. Man patinka labai kelnes aukstu liemeniu, nieko bendro su zvejais, pas juos ten botu-kelniu-bliuskos derinys. Plius jie man primena 40s and 50s drapanas, kurias megstu:)

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