Why does the fashion industry bug me?

Let’s take LouisVuitton, for instance. Really crappy and unattractive bags, wallets, etc. Brown, chequered with LV initials all over the boring shape. Celebrities, rich peole, poor people – everyone goes crazy for LV. Today this shitty bag became some sort of a sign of prestige. I must’ve missed something: brown/ochre simple bags with stupid initials are a bigger craze than anything there ever was?
Also Dolce&Gabbana or D&G. Always tacky shit, like their leopard prints, bleached jeans and huge belts, shirts or jeans with same initials. Eastern Europe and Russia falls for this kitschy brand like teenage girls for boy bands.
Anyhow, I have this idea or a method, whatever you call it, ‘how to recognise a fashion world whore’. Easy – by the amount of fakes you can find on the street. And these days there is nothing else but Louis Vuitton, D&G, followed by DKNY and Calvin Klein 🙂
What I hate about this brand craze is the stupidity of people. YOU are neither special nor cool if u have all your suitcases, wallets and handbangs made by LV. It is not cool to walk around with torn bleached jeans and a belt with huge diamond initials D&G. Well, unless you are in your own little world where you present yourself as a famous russian pop grandpa that stays young with the help of botox injections.
People that buy clothes, shoes or accessories just because they are made by a famous designer, or some stupid, uneducated celebrity with no taste that was caught by papapazzi wearing that shit, make me real sad.
Style and good taste is not about money or brands, its about intellect, modesty, subtlety and good knowledge of aesthetics. Its about being able to criticize your own and even famous designer’s choices.


With the girls – it was love at first sight. I really liked their subtlety and blue tones

And I was crazy about the boy’s look. The tash and innocent simplicity killed me!



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12 responses to “Why does the fashion industry bug me?

  1. Iriskino

    The questions are as follows:

    “To buy or not to be?”


    “To be or not to buy?”

    The syntax in English does not make sense to me (of my quoting).

  2. agreed.
    but what do you think about the brand chasing among the “hipsters” and “designers” nowadays?
    i mean moleskine, apple, ray bans…

  3. I think bad:) I mean, here’s a thing: Aplle mac is great, I like it for many reasons, and I understand that people buy it. But when someone thinks that the formula for success and gold medal in fashion (and style) olympics means buying only certain brands, just because someone ‘cool’ did that, but u have no clue why u’re buying those things from those brands, then it’s just SAD:) and boring. But on the other hand, in a certain way it can be fashionable, but as I already mentioned, for example, spice girls brought the platform shoes into fashion, was that in any way cool?:) dont think so:)

  4. yea, having no clue and still buying it “cause it has That name on it and I read it like on so many damned blogs” is kinda sad.

  5. Au

    I have a confession: yes, I did buy ray-bans because James Allan wears them.

  6. Well, good for u:)
    I mean lets get things straight, Ray-ban is just a company making glases. They don’t make some particular design, they have all kinds of shapes and colours. As well as the other companies that make sunglasses. So what am saying is, u liked the glasses and their design, which u saw on the Glasvegas frontmen’s nose. So who cares if these glasses were made by Ray-ban, gucci or my grandfather.What I find strange is buying the exact brand cause someone finds it a sign of prestige:)

  7. Au

    Well, I was partly joking. I did buy them because of the cool look they give (to some people). And hey, my vision of ‘cool’ sometimes can be a bit lame, I can accept that. Although James Allan is the exact opposite of Lindsay Lohan (by the way, who the f**k is she?) and co., all these paparazzed people, who unwillingly sell all that look-this-thing’s-popular-now-so-you-should-buy-it-too shit. But how many people, that are trying to somehow defend their taste, me included, bought RayBans (wayfarers is just a model which doesn’t belong to the aforementioned brand) largely because of the white logo printed on the right upper corner? I think it’s close to 90%… Sadly. Now name me any other brand selling proper wayfarers. … See?

  8. Au

    Apropos, I’m planning to buy a pair of Rubberduck Snowjoggers whenever size 46 will be available (of course, for the next winter)… And you have all the right to condemn me 🙂

    • Lol, why would I condemn you? I have no idea what that is:) Its not a crime to buy things that u like that maybe fall under some famous brand. I just dont like to iconize brands (and especially the ones that are a huge fake bubble created by marketing specialist to all us sheep).

      • Au


        I know I will certainly look absolutely ridiculous in them, but I can’t resist the look.

      • Au

        In that case, you could write about Vespa-mania… Because if you’re riding a Vespa and you’re not an Italian, there’s a pretty good chance you’re a ‘posh twat.’ Other symptoms include adoring Michel Gondry and wearing big transparent spectacles when you don’t have any sight problems.

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