First things first

I finally found courage to start this blog. The doubts I had were coming from where they usually do – lack of motivation. There are so many great style and street fashion related blogs that I thought mine would just get lost among them, but then I thought,  so what?

I want to have this little piece of virtual land to cultivate this tiny garden of mine, who knows, maybe it will end up as central park:)
Anyway, my main interest is individual style which you can find on the street. Fashion events, used to be attractive, but now it seems that people there just try too much. All you see there is competition and cacophony.
I also like to analyse how different ethnicities and countries percieve fashion and style, who is the most style-aweare and who gives birth to all the obnoxious trends.
I live in Athens now. And it sure is a strange place style and fashion wise. I can wander around the city center for days with my camera and there will be no one worth photographing.
A lot of Girls in Athens will be wearing tight jeans with long cowboy or horse-riding boots. This will be complemented with a tight blouse or tunic and usually a huge brown belt. All clothes in this ensamble are gonna be brown or black, so I cant look at these colours anymore.
Another thing here are obnoxious ‘weird’ cuts. Many layers, many cuts. A person usually looks like a scarecrow. I dont get it. Do people really believe that the weirder the cut the cooler the look? It goes to everyones face as a statement  ‘I am very original, you can see that in my ass hanging turkish pants and asymetrical jacket’.
But If a greek person knows how to dress and has a sense of style she or he will look  faboulous.


In a vintage shop ‘Yesterday’s bread’



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2 responses to “First things first

  1. Iriskino

    You have not seen the Greek women (girls) nine years ago, when EVERYBODY would wear a very tight black elastic pair of pants of very cheap quality (it was the case when cheap does not mean quality). They would wear it even if it was +30. And of cause very tight t-shirt with push up and an very open decoltee. I was wondering how does it feel to get dressed like that with temperature of over 30 C. Every country has it is own disaster.

  2. agejus

    Sveikinu pradėjus blog’ą! And your gentleman looks great 🙂

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